Divi one of the crypto projects I’ve become excited about is aiming to make the most user-friendly ecosystem. This project is only one year old, but have been making waves and steady progress. With weakly updates on the progression being made the Divi blog gives the community a refreshing level of transparency. With a talented well-seasoned team, and an active community Divi is primed to make significant moves in the coming months and years.

A User Friendly Divi Overview

From the ground up Divi development was done with user friendliness in mind. The team started with a special focus on eliminating user error with an intuitively easy design. This in turn makes the users crypto safer as it decreases the likelihood of losing funds. One of the key features of the project is MOCCI™, a one-click masternode installer. This makes it easier than ever to earn from the crypto you’re holding.

One of cyrptocurrencies’ current issues is that they are not being used for everyday transactions. Bitcoin has turned into a store of value as its properties make it even harder money than gold. While other projects are successful in their own rights there hasn’t been everyday spending adoption by anyone in mass.

“The Divi Project was created to realize Satoshi’s dream of a fast, safe, and cheap digital money that can be used by ordinary people around the world without banks or governments as an intermediary.” –Divi Project Whitepaper

User Friendly Features

Divi will offer key features that will make a truly viable solution, some of my favorites include their user friendly Smart Wallet™, the 5-layered one-click Masternode System, vaulting, and crypto banking features. To see to full least of features Divi plans to offer check out their Whitepaper or Lightpaper for an easier read.

One of my absolute favorite features comes with Crypto Banking. This will bring exciting new ways for users to manage and protect their money. The confirm PIN code will protect users from sending funds to the wrong or an unknown address. This is an issue newbies and seasoned veterans in the space have had to fret over all too much.

There will be advanced features that will only users save their money. Some features will help you track earning and spending. Their will even be the ability to pool money that individuals and business alike will need to pay their taxes. Vaulting will allow users to time lock their holdings so that they will be inaccessible by all until the predetermined date is reached. This feature can prove to be helpful for both long term saving, as well as an added security layer that will keep funds even safer.

Above all the Crypto Banking features will offer even more ways to manage one’s money. Some of these features are things many of use to seeing. Others promise to open the doors to make the way we manage money more user friendly than ever before.

A Full Circle Economy

The Divi Project is building a full circle economy so DIVI coins can be both earned and widely spent. To start, some major online retailers are expected to begin accepting Divi in the near future. The team is also developing a Software Development Kit. This will make it easier for developers to build their own DApps that will reside within the Divi wallet. This type of functionality allows users to access and pay them directly for the provided products and services.

As fiat money continues to have ever increasing issues, and crypto gets easier to use with Divi spearheading the increased user friendliness. Not to mention we will begin to see brick and mortar business start to accept Divi and cryptocurrencies in mass. This will be a catalyst for some businesses to no longer desire wanting except fiat all together.

Concluding Thoughts

The Divi Project is one of the more exciting projects that I have seen in quite a while. With a ground up focus on user friendly designs, and applications. In addition to Divi’s steady developmental progress has built up solid momentum for a project with clear goals. I believe they have the ability to meet the goals they have set out to achieve. When these major milestones are met it will dramatically increase the rate of adoption of Divi and their Smart Wallet™, and I believe they have the ability to far exceed the expectations they have set out for themselves.